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Typically in real estate, the word “delayed” doesn’t prompt a smile but in this case, it does! According to the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program which was supposed to implement the new rural eligibility maps, those communities that would have been deemed ineligible, may still qualify.

Ok – let’s put this simple terms – Big Bear Valley has long been considered a rural area which means those purchasing a primary residence in this community could potentially qualify for 0% financing through a USDA loan. As of September 2014, Big Bear was supposed to be taken off the eligibility list but due to government delays in releasing the new maps, our community still qualifies!

This is an incredible opportunity to purchase a full-time residence with 0% down. Buyers must meet certain criteria to qualify for this program so check with a lender who is experienced with USDA loans to see if you do. Some general qualifications would be a minimum 680 credit score, and a household income limit of $77,050 for a family of 1-4 members.

Of course, the home itself has to meet certain qualifications so I must stress how important it is to work with an agent and lender who have experience with USDA loans. Gratefully, I have had the opportunity to help several full-time families in our community buy homes. It is so rewarding to help those who never thought they could afford a home, purchase one of the greatest investments of their life.

So, if you plan to live in Big Bear full-time and are interested in 100% financing, please contact me, Susie Lerma, at 909-838-3066 email: lermasusie@gmail.com to see if today is the right time for your home purchase!