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Year to date this year the average price sold is $234,743 in the Moonridge area of Big Bear. Compared with $286,326 for the same period in 2011. That is an 18% drop in the average price sold. Most of the drop in the average can be contributed to the high price sale that was recorded last year at $1,250,000 in Moonridge vs. this year at $575,000. Sales price to list price differential remains in the 94% – 96% range. Average days on the market also remain consistent around 125. The average price per square foot sold has dropped from $189.49 in 2011 to $165.01 in 2012 (13%). Traditional sales in the Moonridge area continue to dominate the market with 57 this year and 58 last year for the same period, while the number of foreclosures sold in Moonridge remains low with 9 this year and 10 last year. Short sales have made up the increase with 13 closed so far in 2012, compared to only 5 in the same period of 2011.