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Selecting your Real Estate agent is important.

Many times buyers and sellers in Big Bear make the mistake of selecting an out of the area agent that is not geographically competent in the Big Bear area. These agents often don’t know how to find Big Bear, so finding you a home may be very challenging. They may not know the differences between the neighborhoods of Sugarloaf and Fawnskin. This results in poor representation and dissatisfaction for you, the client.

Agents from out of the area can’t possibly be up to date on the local market conditions and inventory. I spend 6 -7 days a week studying the Big Bear inventory and I feel like if I miss a day, my inventory knowledge will be less than my clients deserve.

Twice in the past 30 days I have had agents that were friends or family of a buyer say they are going to represent their family member or friend in the transaction. This is fine with me, as long as I am not going to be doing their work.  Having your son-in-law that works Real Estate in Orange County call the listing agent in Big Bear and asking him or her to open the listing and show it to you, because he’s too lazy to drive up to Big Bear, open the house and investigate the property (represent you) doesn’t equate to good service.

Is this out of area (and touch) agent now going to advise you on what to offer for the property you want to buy? They haven’t even joined the local multiple listing service so that they can be knowledgeable of recent sales and listing activity. Most of these out of area agents have never sold or owned a mountain home. You will also soon learn that they won’t be present for your home inspection, contractors bids or walk through either because it is to inconvenient to make the trip. They are only thinking about one person, and it’s not you. They won’t know who the local home inspectors are and may send an out of the area inspector to do the inspection. These out of area inspectors may not even know what a stop and waste valve is or how to test one.

An out of area agent won’t be able to tell you about the neighborhood, or the depth of the lake in the different areas. They won’t know the procedure for winterizing your home, or the location of the stop and waste valve. They won’t know the utility companies for the home or where the offices are located for these services. They really won’t know as much as you do, since they often don’t even visit the house before writing the offer.                                                                                                             

It’s kind of like shopping for a computer at Wal-Mart.You might get lucky and find the right computer with the features you need, but chances are you’ll wish you had a salesperson that knew about the inventory. If you’re looking for someone who doesn’t know the Big Bear Real Estate inventory, hire that out of area agent.

I can show you any home for sale in Big Bear, but I won’t work in any other areas!

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