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1. Is your Realtor the person that sells your home?



C – My Realtor can only sell my house if it is priced at a value, easy to show and is listed in the local Multiple Listing Service that attracts agents and their buyers.


 2. Is the marketing package that your Realtor puts together going to sell your home?

A- Yes, if the House is in the newspaper

B – Only if the house is priced correctly based on market conditions.

C – Yes, if people see a big picture of my agent in the ad.


3.  How much marketing will it take to sell your overpriced home?  

A- Buyers will pay more if they see the house advertised more frequently and in multiple locations.

B – The more money my agent spends the better my chances are.

C- Listing the home in the multiple listing service that the agents are using in the area, taking quality photos, cleaning the home up, making showings easy for buyers and pricing my property correctly will work every time.


4. What is the single most important factor in determining if your home sells?

A- The popularity of my agent, and the size of his ego.

B- The amount of open houses that are held at my home.

C- The Price.


5.  What can fix everything that is keeping a buyer from buying your house?

A- The handyman.

B- My neighbor

C- The price


6.What overcomes all obstacles and makes a buyer happy to accepted any and all negatives? 

A- The Price / final answer.


I can give you the right price. I can tell you what needs to be done to make your home more attractive to buyers. I will tell you the truth. 

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1. C, 2. B, 3. C, 4. C, 5. C, 6. A