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I see more and more clients that are hoping to find the best deal, the one they think will be just sitting out their waiting for them to come along. Some buyers actually are looking for a cabin without the help of a local agent. This must be very frustrating. It reminds me of shopping at a big box retailer. I just wander around until I find what I am looking for. It takes me twice as long, but I know it is a waste of time to ask one of the clerks for help, since they have little knowledge of any of the products they sell.

If you have experienced this with Realtors, I apologize! I think the biggest enemy of a Realtor is the fellow agents that don’t know their inventory or their market. This gives the buyers in the market the idea that Realtors are not an essential piece in the search for a home. If your agent can’t hear what you want and direct you to it, they are wasting your time.

I won’t waste your time. I know the inventory. I listen to what you want, and then I take you to see all of the homes that fit your criteria.

What do you want in a Big Bear Cabin? Is it the bank owned property that is located in a neighborhood setting that reminds you of the home you live in now? Is it the house that they made the movie “The Money Pit” after? Is it stacked against the homes next to you so tight that you hope the neighbors don’t snore? Does the neighborhood look like a parking lot?

Let’s face it, what most buyers have always dreamed of in a mountain cabin is not unique. They want something that feels like a cabin, but has the functionallity of this era. They want seclusion and privacy. They want a quiet space with a view. They want rustic feel, with craftsmanship. They want to be near the ski slopes, but not at the party. They want to be able to take an evening or morning walk without concern. They want to hear the wind blowing in the trees and they want to smell the pines. They want to bring their family and friends to enjoy Big Bear’s four seasons of fun.

Once you find this cabin, place an offer. Hesitation at this point will give you a bad case of remorse. I can’t tell you how many times I have shown a buyer exactly what they want, and the love it, but they think they should wait a couple of weeks and then see what happens. This usually results in the cabin selling to someone who has already made this same mistake in the past.

The best cabins are not the best just because of price per square foot, or the fact that the bank owns them. The best cabins in Big Bear fit the description above. The only way you can buy one of these properties is to put an offer in writing to the seller.

Let me help you with your Real Estate needs in Big Bear

Steve Hirschler

Associate, The Tim Wood Group

Coldwell Banker Mountain Gallery

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P.O. BOX 6820

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