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The current Big Bear housing market is tough on sellers. If you are thinking about fishing for a buyer in Big Bear, but aren’t willing to have the best bait, you might as well watch the beautiful Big Bear sunset. Houses in Big Bear will need to be priced at or below market value to be shown. Big Bear homes that are selling are either the very best home, or the very best deal. If you’re fishing for a buyer in Big Bear you will need to hire the best guide (Realtor) available. If you are a seller and you don’t have the very best house, you had better price your home to be the best deal or you’re wasting your time. If you want to wait and see, I can tell you what you will see.  You will see the true value of your home decrease and if you do sell, you will get less than you wanted. Most sellers that have sold recently in Big Bear have not been thrilled with the price that they got. Even after you price your home to be the best value, you will more than likely see offers that are 10% or more below your asking price. These are serious buyers, but they want a deal. If you get one of these elusive buyers in the boat,handle them with care as they are very slippery.


If your’re fishing for a deal on Big Bear Real Estate, you have arrived at the peak of the season. The lake has just been planted with some big lunkers. There are some great deals to be made. Most sellers are motivated and if you are going to go on a fishing trip this spring, get a guide (Realtor) that knows where the hot fishing holes are. Make sure your guide knows about all of the different varieties of fish that the lake has. When you find the perfect fishing hole, be sure to chum the water with a large good faith deposit and a prequalification letter from your lender. This will net you the best fish with the least amount of bait. 

Steve Hirschler

Associate, The Tim Wood Group

Coldwell Banker Mountain Gallery

42153 Big Bear Blvd.

P.O. BOX 6820

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315


909 866-3481 EXT. 217 CELL 909 725-5889

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