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That is a question that I ask many buyers. Many buyer’s think that the market is so slow that they don’t need to move quickly. They feel like the longer they wait, the better the deals will be. True, the very best deal could come along at anytime, and that is why I love Real Estate. The perfect house could come on the market and someone will buy it. More than likely though if the deal (price) is best, the house will not be so good. Rarely, and I don’t mean occasionally, a great house will sell for under value. More often, the best homes sell for the highest prices.

What makes them the best? In Big Bear, location is most important. As you know if you have talked to me or read my blog, Moonridge is one of my favorites.Most buyers want to feel like they are in the mountains. They want seclusion and quiet. Secondly, the home needs to feel like a cabin. Homes with a tract home feel and few windows will need to be priced well below those that have woodsy accents and large windows with views of nature. Buyer’s want space and trees, they don’t want to be looking out the windows at the neighbors house. Homes with large wood burning fireplaces, great rooms for families and forest views always  seem to sell in shorter days, for more money.

Moonridge Cabin

Moonridge Cabin

So, do you want one of the best homes? If so be prepared to act quickly and don’t expect to buy it for the price of the wrong home in the wrong location.

Steve Hirschler

Associate, The Tim Wood Group

Coldwell Banker Mountain Gallery

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